Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Losing the Baby Fat

Losing the Baby Fat - Words of Advice from the Wise...

Here's another note-worthy gem of advice to losing the baby fat compliments of Holly Rigsby for the answer to the ever popular question of "How can I get rid of my mommy belly?":

"This question does not always sit well with the women I speak to. Unfortunately, the diet and weight loss industry has made many fitness professionals' jobs quite hard. Women are simply bombarded with misleading ads about what it takes to get a flat, fat-free tummy. So when I present the formula for what DOES work,I am the one they wish not to believe. And thus the frustrating cycle continues. After weeks, months and even years of wasted time,energy and Money, I finally get the "cry for help". So what is the Fat-Burning-Melt-Your-Mommy-Belly formula?

1. Bypass the Gimmicks

This is where you can save yourself a ton of time, energy and keep your hard earned money in your purse! There is no "one" secret strategy/exercise/supplement to make that nagging trouble spot disappear and reveal the toned, flat belly you are after.

2. Trade a routine of AB exercises for Moves that BURN Fat

Sure! Including "Ab" exercises as part of your routine is beneficial, but the truth is - no amount of "crunches" will make the fat on your belly disappear. As far as Fat Loss and "exercise" goes - you must to use a total body approach - using resistance training to work your upper body, lower body and core with moves that incorporate many muscles at once. This is the ONLY way to exercise that will significantly boost your metabolism so your body begins to burn more fat.

Did you know? Some of the best "ab exercises" actually use your whole body! ~ My Favorites: WoodChops and Burpees ~ Work your abs, use more muscles, increase your metabolism....flat tummy results appear before your eyes! Besides, the "Abs" that you want to work through crunches are you little in return as far as fat burn is concerned. You can Burn double or even triple the amount of calories by doing full body resistance training exercises.

3. Flat Tummy Foods

Supportive nutrition is extremely important, not only to keep you energized, but to provide your body with quality nutrients to create a healthy metabolism and burn more fat. You CANNOT achieve great abs if you are putting junk into your body - no matter how great your workout program is.

Due to the fact that many women have difficulty letting go of what they think works -only a small percentage of you will actually take what I have to share and apply it. These are the women who will be proud to wear anything that respectfully displays their new, beautiful, flat tummy.

Losing the Baby Fat

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